Take a New Look at Surgical Specialists of Ocala

The Vein Center of North Florida

Surgical Specialists of Ocala has developed new branding and a new website.

While a new look doesn’t impact quality of care, the goal was for a much more than that. It’s a bit like the treatment provided for varicose veins – a better physical appearance occurs, but the treatment provides much-needed relief.

The improved graphics and more friendly presentation of our team allow more patients to feel comfortable with seeking intervention that provides a better quality of life. Dr. Ravi Chandra explains the thought process behind the new look.

“You can call it branding, marketing or whatever you like,” says Chandra. “For me, the bottom line is helping more people. You can’t help them if they don’t know you or feel comfortable with you. My mission to help people is not based on the number of procedures we can perform. It is based on the quality of lives improved through those procedures.”

Along with the new look, Surgical Specialists of Ocala has revamped their website to be more user-friendly. Team Member Patricia Hurst, ARNP-BC explains the benefits of the information.

“One of the core values of our practice is communication,” says Hurst. “We take time with our patients and work very hard to ensure they understand their condition and the treatment options we can provide. No matter how warm and welcoming we are, we understand that sometimes what is said in the office seems like a blur when patients leave. We want our website to be an extension of those important office conversations. The website is a way they can easily find the details we discussed in the comfort of their own home.”

Take a look to see how Surgical Specialists of Ocala may be able to improve your quality of life.

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