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 – It’s Not as Intimidating as You Might Think

Lung SurgeryChest surgery (a.k.a. thoracic surgery) was once a very invasive procedure, often requiring lengthy hospital stays and a longer recovery time. Our lung surgeons use the latest technologies to ensure your procedure is less invasive than typical lung surgeries of the past. Surgical Specialists of Ocala performs two types of lung surgeries: Thoracoscopy and Thoracotomy.  Let’s take a closer look at each.


Thoracoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure primarily used to learn more about what is happening inside of your lungs and help determine the best course of treatment.  This type of lung surgery involves making small incisions and inserting a thoracoscope (camera) to explore the inside of the chest cavity.  The thoracoscope allows the surgeon to obtain a better view of the inside of your lungs to help diagnose various lung problems, including lung cancer.  If necessary, a biopsy of a mass or portions of the lung can be obtained during this procedure.


A Thoracotomy is an open chest surgery.  The incision used in this procedure is somewhat larger than the one used during a Thoracoscopy.  A Thoracotomy allows the surgeon to directly view and examine the lungs.  The lung being examined is deflated, while a breathing tube helps the other lung take in air. During this time, various procedures may be performed, including biopsies, mass removals, resection of all or part of the lung, and even lymph node removal if deemed necessary. If your surgeon finds a mass, the location and size can be measured.  Your surgeon will then conduct further examination to see if the mass has spread.  Depending on the findings, either a biopsy of the mass will be performed, or the mass (along with surrounding tissue) will be completely removed.

Depending on your current health and depth of the procedure, you can expect a hospital stay after a Thoracoscopy and a hospital stay after a Thoracotomy.  You will then be given instructions to complete your recovery at home. Your follow-up appointments will take place with your surgeon at our Ocala office.

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